Join the Fight Against Global Warming and Climate Change: Invest in Renewable Energy Real Estate Today! Starting at just $100, become a landowner and eliminate approximately 3750 lbs. of carbon emissions. Your contribution makes a world of difference. Thank you for helping us all!

At Urthwan™ we envisioned a solution.

Our vision is to unite like-minded individuals in the battle against Global Warming and Climate Change.

How? By establishing eco-conscious, sustainable solar power plants.

Why? Solar energy is pure clean power. For every watt of solar power we integrate into the grid, we prevent nearly 100 lbs. of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, reduce a household footprint by approximately 30 lbs., and we can reduce gasoline emissions by nearly 5 gallons.

That's the impact of just one watt of solar power. Our ongoing project aims to replace 5,000,000 Watts of conventional dirty energy with 5,000,000 watts of clean, sustainable energy. Every Hour, 6 hours a day (accounting for typical losses), for 25 years or more.

We Need You. You are the catalyst we require to combat Climate Change and Global Warming.

By simply purchasing land associated with this project or generously donating any amount, you enable us to eradicate harmful greenhouse gases, replacing them with clean, renewable energy.

For approximately $10, you can exchange one watt of conventional energy with a sustainable clean watt of energy.


  • One watt SAVES ~400 lbs. of greenhouse gas
  • One watt SAVES ~120 lbs. of household waste
  • One watt SAVES   ~20 gallons of gasoline otherwise consumed

What You Gain:

  • Profound satisfaction from positively contributing to change
  • Ownership of real estate that you can hold, sell, pass down, or transfer as you wish
  • Complimentary tours of your property and its clean energy production facility
  • Eligibility for up to 40% Federal Tax Credit (consult your tax professional)
  • A Clean Energy Legacy
  • First right-of-refusal to own the production facility